Horse Behavioural Problems and Horse Schooling

Don’t settle for a poorly behaved horse, rely on the experts to eradicate your horse problems

“Horses are often riddles waiting to be worked out” – J.B. Cummings

Jarrara Park provides schooling for non-problem horses to further their education, as well as correctional schooling, training in horse behaviour, float loading and race barrier training, yearling preparation and foundation training for weanlings and unbroken yearlings.

The professional horse trainers at Jarrara Park work closely with horses that have developed behavioural issues. Working with every horse to find long term solutions to problems without resorting to violence or artificial aids, Jarrara Park prides itself on finding solutions for all sorts of horse problems. Wayne & Penny use clear and correct non-violent schooling methods in a low adrenalin environment and apply them in a calm and consistent manner.

Once you understand why a horse is behaving a certain way it is much quicker and easier to correct its behaviour.


Ethan came to Wayne and Penny for schooling as he had developed a nasty rear, he was very anxious, a naturally sensitive horse, he learnt to rear when turning to the right to avoid right rein pressure. He would spin back to the left and leap through the bridle.

After a few weeks of schooling Ethan learnt to relax, push his neck down and reach into the bridle and travel calmly and happily forward.

To discuss any horse behaviour issues or horse problems you might be experiencing, or to book your horse in for schooling contact Wayne on 0433 219 389 or go to the contact page to send an email.


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