Rider Coaching

“Penny has always been a very inspiring instructor. She has an amazing ability to get the best out of horse and rider. Penny is the reason I have ridden horses for so long, as she instilled in me a passion to ride and strive to perform at the highest quality” – Lauren Cox


Penny is an accredited coach and has been teaching for over 10 years. She has worked with pupils as young as 4 right through to students in their 70’s. She coaches all levels of riders for a wide range of disciplines.

She has taken numerous junior riders from novice right through to being competitive at the highest levels of Pony Club and Interschool Competitions.

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Penny is able to very accurately recognise the limitations and capabilities of each rider and teach them how to reach their full potential. She is technically very correct and doesn’t take short cuts. Penny’s pupils learn to understand how to train a horses, they are given skills to take home to further educate their horse, skills that will last them a life time.

Penny’s pupils become exceptional riders and great horsemen. She is able to work with pleasure riders and riders lacking in confidence as well as those pupils who wish to be competitve in their chosen fields.

“We have found Penny to be a very fair instructor, and technically very correct. She is incredibly dedicated and never gives up on you” – Donna Dorahy

You can call Penny on 0415 907 310. Penny is always willing to discuss any issues or concerns you might have regarding your riding or horse.

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