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Jarrara Park start all their horses using only non-violent methods. They never use artificial aids or gadgets while breaking in horses. As an expert horse breaker Wayne seek to understand each horse’s temperament and take extra time where necessary.


Based in beautiful Kurrajong NSW, the team at Jarrara Park believe it is paramount that the young horse remains relaxed and confident during the starting process, and are careful not to overload or confuse the horse during this important time. All horses leave Jarrara Park with a sound understanding of the basic aids in all gaits, working in straight lines and circles, with and without other horses. When breaking-in horses Wayne is very careful with young horse’s mouths and allow the horses to search for and accept the bit in their own time.


Breaking-in, starting horses under saddle the most effective way

Horses normally take between 4 and 8 weeks to be broken-in/started. All horses are schooled in hand and under saddle. Their starting program includes daily grooming, rugging, float/truck loading, farrier handling and of course their work under saddle. Wayne is happy to assist with any additional requests.

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The extent of your horse’s education during the starting process depends on their individual level of maturity and strength. Some horses are ready to start their competition careers at the end of their time at Jarrara Park after working with our expert horse breakers.

Horse Breakers Horse Breaking-in

Aiming to make the horses stay at Jarrara Park as stress-free as possible, your horse will have its own individual safe post and rail with electric paddocks with stable/shelter, horse are fed twice daily at regular times and are provided with only top quality hard feed and premium hay. Horse breakers at outer Sydney Jarrara Park are very particular in managing the weight and condition of horses in their care and take great pride in turning out horses with good muscle tone, top line and excellent overall condition.

They are always happy to have owners watch their horses training sessions and monitor their progress. They encourage owners to watch their newly started horse workimg before it leaves Jarrara Park.  For pleasure horses they also provide a lesson and give you pointers for working with your horse.

Please refer to the gallery page to view some of the horses we have started.

For more information call Wayne on 0433 219 389 and see the difference a beautifully started horse can make. We are located just outside of horse breakersSydney NSW only 40 mins from Rosehill Gardens, 1 hour from Royal Randwick, 1 and a 1/4 hour from Warwick Farm and 20 mins from Hawkesbury Race Course.

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