About Us

Wayne and Penny Austin along with their loyal and dedicated staff run Jarrara Park. They share a passion for training horses as well as a common philosophy on horse management, together they bring a vast amount of knowledge, experience and horsemenship to their work with horses.

About Wayne

Wayne comes from a long line of outstanding horseman.Candy He has many years of experience working in many parts of the world as well as Australia.

Wayne is not confined by mainstream ideas, he continually seeks to further his knowledge and to find solutions for horses that are out of the box.

He is an empathetic handler and a relaxed and persistent trainer. He has had amazing results with horse that have arrived with terrible behavioural issues.

Wayne does all the handling and starting of young horses. He has a strong interest in horse behavioural science, young horse schooling and thoroughbred training.

About Penny

Penny is a unique and brilliant horsewoman. She started riding at a very young age and horses have always been a part of her life.

LunaNat2010She is an EFA/NCAS qualified coach and studied Equine Science at Charles Sturt University. She has a vast competition history, extensively competing in eventing at an elite level she has ridden at all major events on the circuit bringing on countless ex-race and young horses. Many of these horses have gone on to successfully compete with their new owners within Australia and overseas.

Penny is also exceptionally talented as a straight dressage rider, as well as having extensive show jumping experience.

Penny has developed a formidable reputation as a young horse trainer and competitor. Her many years of competition riding combined with her formal education has given Penny an edge when it comes educating horses. She has a natural feel for the horse and trains using classical dressage techniques.

Once Wayne has successfully started the young horses Penny continues their education, and often times will ride them at their first competitions for their owners.

Wayne and Penny are always happy to give advice or discuss your horses needs. To discuss your horses future call Wayne on 0433 219 389 or Penny on 0415 907 310. To send us an email just go to the contact us page.

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